Shortlist, Prism International Poetry Contest for “Lineage” (2015)

Winner, Matrix Magazine‘s LitPop Award for a selection of poems (2014)

Shortlist, Walrus Poetry Prize for “Tour” (2014)

Honourable Mention, Banff Centre Bliss Carman Poetry Award for “Kiviak” (2014)

Finalist, National Magazine Award in Poetry for “BBQ” (2014)

Longlist, Broken Social Scene/Anansi Short Fiction Contest for “Almost Crimes” (2013)

Shortlist, Prism International Short Fiction Contest for “As Heat Speaks to Ice” (2010)

Prose Publications

Print Journals

“They” (short story) in Event (New Westminster, British Columbia: Spring/Summer 2015), 9 pages.

“The Tart Incident” (short story) in Riddle Fence (St. John’s, Newfoundland: Summer 2012), 8 pages.

“Ant Goes Viral” (short story) in The New Quarterly (Waterloo, Ontario: Summer 2012), 3 pages.

“National Capital Race Weekend” (short story) in Room (Vancouver, British Columbia:Winter 2012), 8 pages.

“You Just Put Your Lips Together and Blow” (personal essay) in The New Quarterly (Waterloo, Ontario: Fall 2011), 4 pages.

“FLAP” (short story) in The Dalhousie Review (Halifax, Nova Scotia: Summer 2011), 12 pages.

Online Journals

 “Difficult People” (short story) in Joyland (Toronto, Ontario: Summer 2014), 5 pages.

 “How I Learned to Thrive in 2010” (short story) in The Danforth Review (Toronto, Ontario: Fall 2011), 3 pages.

Print Anthologies

“Inlaid Olive Trees” (short story) in The Way We Sleep (Curbside Splendor Press, Chicago, Illinois: Fall 2012), 6 pages.

“The Copyeditors” (short story) in TOK 7:Writing the New Toronto (Zephyr Press, Toronto, Ontario: Spring 2012), 9 pages.

Poetry Publications

Print Journals

 “Midwife” and “Annual Tea Party” (2 poems) in Room (Vancouver, British Columbia: Summer 2016), 3 pages.

“Faith” and “RibFest” (2 poems) in echolocation (Toronto, Ontario: Winter 2016), 2 pages.

“What a Girl Wants, or, Pledging Allegiance” and “Escapism” (2 poems) in The Humber Literary Review (Toronto, Ontario: Spring/Summer 2015), 2 pages.

“Gastronaut” and “Magpie” and “Confessions of a Competitive Eater (3 poems) in Matrix Magazine (Montreal, Quebec: Winter 2015), 3 pages.

 “Kiviak” (poem) in Prairie Fire (Winnipeg, Manitoba: Summer 2014), 1 page.

“Haircut” and “Trash the Dress” (2 poems) in Grain (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: Spring 2014), 4 pages.

“Roommate” (poem) in Carousel (Guelph, Ontario: Summer/Fall 2013), 2 pages.

“Party Nation” (poem) in subTerrain (Vancouver, British Columbia: Summer 2013), 1 page.

“BBQ” and “White” (2 poems) in Prism International (Vancouver, British Columbia: Winter 2013), 3 pages.

“Upon Subletting a One Bedroom in Montréal for the Month of June” (poem) in FreeFall (Calgary, Alberta: Spring/Summer 2011), 1 page.

“things i borrowed from my roommate” (poem) in Contemporary Verse 2 (Winnipeg, Manitoba: Summer 2008), 1 page.

Online Journals

“Fallow Day” and “Garnish” and “The Big Board”  (3 poems) in The Rusty Toque (London, Ontario: Fall 2015), 3 pages.

“Muk-Bang” and “Crone” (2 poems) in Lemon Hound (Montreal, Quebec: Winter 2015), 2 pages.

 “Maturity” and “Katrina” and “Surrender” (3 poems) in The Puritan (Toronto, Ontario: Fall 2009), 3 pages.

Print Anthologies

“Kiviak” (poem) in The Best Canadian Poetry in English, 2015 (Tightrope Books; Toronto, Ontario, 2015), 1 page.

“Ode to Contact Lenses” (poem) in Poet to Poet (Guernica Editions; Toronto, Ontario: 2012), 2 pages.

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